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Dropkick My Heart (Powerhouse MA #1) by Winter Travers

Title: Dropkick My Heart Series: Powerhouse MA #1 Author: Winter Travers Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance Release Date: March 29, 2017AVAILABLE NOW

Countless hours of practice, and enough determination to succeed no matter the cost is what has brought Kellan to standing at the door to his life coming full circle.  Life on the competition circuit was fast-paced, and exciting, but now Kellan is ready to settle down, and stay in his own bed for longer than a week. Opening Powerhouse Martial Arts with his three best friends was just what they all needed to showcase their skills from traditional forms, all the way to show-style sport tricking. Kellan thought he had it all figured out, except he didn’t figure in the sassy barista next door. Molly For seven years, Molly saved every penny she had to buy the quirky coffee shop on the corner. Lattes, cappuccinos, espresso. You name it, Molly can make it. Early mornings slinging coffee, and late nights thinking up the next new coffee craze leaves Mo…