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Vision In Love by Liz Bower

Title: Vision in Love Author: Liz Bower Genre: Romantic Fantasy  Release Date: 31-Mar-16 Series: Book 1 in the Legends of the North series Cover Designer: Premade Ebook Cover Shop Editor: Hot Tree Editing After Emma Williams’ life took an unexpected turn, she decides to start over, by moving back to her home in the north of England. But as soon as she arrives in the village of Altenchester, she starts to suffer from strange visions. Visions of people she doesn’t know and disturbing events she can’t explain. 

They lead her to find an unlikely friend in Matt, a local history enthusiast. Emma is unaware he is also an Altenbury, the prominent family in the village. As they search for the meaning of her visions it brings them closer together. But their venture soon turns into a nightmare when Matt is the victim of a series of brutal yet mysterious attacks. 
Can Emma find out what the visions mean before the attacks on Matt become fatal? Amazon: US I UK I AU I CA Website I Facebook I Twitter …

Waiting on Faith by Nicole Richard

Title: Waiting on Faith Series: A She's Beautiful Novel Author: Nicole Richard Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date:March 26, 2016 She’s a woman running from her past. He’s a man with a fractured heart. Natalie Brentwood is determined to escape a life of betrayal and abuse. Vowing to live the life she knows she deserves, despite the one she’s endured.  Cy Davis is no stranger to lies and deceit. He’s harbored a ten-year grudge that could quite possibly ruin his chances with a woman who blindly captured his heart. But when two people are brought together by fate, can they be the light the other needs? Or will a secret and past insecurity be a test of their love and faith.  A story of love and hate and the depths one will go to bury heartbreak than runs deep. “Blue,”―he paused to suck my nipple―“I need inside. I can’t take it. I need to be in you, baby.” “Yes,” I spilled out in desperation. Laying me right there on the couch, he lavished kisses on my neck, and the tip of his cock tickled my …

Mercy by M.N. Forgy

EXCERPT “We need to keep moving, I don’t have time to explain this over and over to you. I can’t penetrate your naive little brain any more than I have.” His Adam’s apple bobs, and he grips my cuffs, pulling me after him. “Why do you have to be such an asshole!?” I yank back on the cuffs to get his attention. Looking over his shoulder, he jabs, “I guess you just bring it out in me, Rookie.” That stung. We walk for what seems like forever, and not one car drives by. The moon is high in the sky, and the wind is beginning to blow with a chill that has me shrinking into myself to keep warm. My emotions are a mess. I don’t know what to accept as truth, and what is a lie. I’m always so sure of everything, until Zeek walked in my life. Now, I know nothing about nothing. A shiver trembles from my lips causing my teeth to clatter. Zeek looks over his shoulder and stops. “You cold?” “I’m fine.” Ignoring me, he shimmies his leather cut off. “Here, this will help.” I shake my head and hold my cuffed hands up…