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5 star review of Boink by Winter Travers

Title: Boink Series: Fallen Lords MC Book 5 Author: Winter Travers Genre: MC Romance Release Date: November 29, 2018 Photographer: SP Photography Cover Model: David Kash Cover Designer: MG BookCovers Letting his president's sister get kidnapped was not Boink’s finest hour as a member of the Fallen Lords MC. Now it’s time to pay the price protecting the very woman who distracted him from his job in the first place.  Mayra needed a safe place to land and the Fallen Lords clubhouse was the perfect solution, until her past puts everyone in danger. Her only option is to leave with a man she swears can’t stand her.  This time Boink won’t fail protecting what is his. Whatever is coming for Mayra will have to go through him and the Fallen Lords first. 5 Stars!! 
Dear God, this book was so entertaining and so much better than the rest of the others in the series (yes, even better than Pipe, I don't know how she did it. But here we are) 
Quite simply Boink is probably the most sexy, loving, lovab…