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Other Side by Harlow Paige

Title: The Other Side Series: A Series of Cliches #1 Author: Harlow Paige Genre: Romance Release Date: March 21, 2016 Perfect Pear Creative Covers Cover Image by Perrywinkle Photography True or False:  From the outside looking in, you can be more objective to someone's situation. False! People only see what you have, thinking your life and marriage are sheer perfection based on your tax bracket. If only they could step inside long enough to see how cracked the foundation truly is.  True or False:  The grass isn't always greener on the other side. False! I firmly believe the only people who speak this nonsense are the ones living a life of contentment. They use this cliche to persuade you from searching for more out of life. True or False:  If momma ain't happy, nobody's happy. True! This momma hasn't been happy for a long time, and I plan on changing that. The grass may not be greener on the other side, but if I'm the one mowing the lawn, who the hell cares?! Prologue My husband u…

The Shattered Duet by Alexis Noelle

Title: The Shattered Duet Novels Included: Shattered Innocence (Shattered #1) Shattered Lives (Shattered #2) Author: Alexis Noelle Genre: Adult Romance Release Date: March 14, 2016 Cover Design: Cassy at Pink Ink Designs Shattered Innocence (Shattered#1) I’ve always been on my own and determined to make something of myself. I was the first person in my family to go to college, but I might not be here for long. It’s expensive and I’m broke. Just when I think I have no other options, a whole new world is opened up to me. A world full of depravity and scandal, one that most people would judge me for if they knew I was involved in it. Damon Shaw has just been assigned to take over the day-to-day operations of the service. He’s absolutely insufferable, and making my life a living hell. He thinks he can control me, but little does he know no one has ever been able to do that. Shattered Lives (Shattered #2) What I did to her is unforgivable. I shattered her completely. I did it knowing I was wrong the e…

Rough and Rowdy (Notorious Devils MC #1)

Title: Rough & Rowdy  Series: Notorious Devils MC #1 Author: Hayley Faiman Genre: MC Romance Release Date: March 24, 2016 Kentlee Johnson has always been a sweet girl with good intentions and simple dreams.  Pierce "Fury" Duhart is an outlaw by nature, born and bred to ride with the Notorious Devils.  When a chance encounter brings them face to face, Kentlee knows that getting involved with the president of the town's notorious MC is not a wise choice.  But Fury knows what he wants, and Kentlee is the little bit of sugar he craves on the side.  Daring to be bold for just one night, Kentlee surrenders to Fury's advances—but one taste of the rough and rowdy man is all it takes to turn her world upside down.  *** Recommended for 18+ due to Sexual Content, Adult Language, and Violence 32 years young... born and raised in California, did a stint in Oregon only to return to the Golden State. Lived that life a while until the Lone Star State called to us, Hill Country, Texas is wh…