4 and 5 star reviews for books one and two of the Sexy Nerd Boys by K.M. Neuhold!!!

Worth The Wait 


I have issues. Like, serious, major issues. And, the last thing I want or need is a man in my life to make things more complicated. Unfortunately for me my roommates drop dead gorgeous brother seems hell bent on seducing me. And, what’s worse is that he’s kind of the perfect guy. Resisting him just might kill me. 


I don’t do relationships. I prefer to keep things casual, and I’m always up front with women so that no one ever gets hurt. But, my sister’s new roommate…yeah I might have a small obsession. What the hell is a guy supposed to do though when he meets a woman who is not only beautiful but also feisty, fun, and way into nerd culture? I may be doomed. 

**Recommended for readers 17+ due to mature themes

My Review:
4 Stars
Abby and Ethan's story was incredibly sweet and sultry-- with a slight jessica Sorensen feel, I would say that this series is a must read for anyone who loves college aged broken love that will make you feel. Abuse is a real thing, and this story gives a fresh look at the effects.

Naughty Angel

**Each book in this series can be read as a stand alone novel 
*** Recommended for readers 17+ due to strong language and sexual situations 

When most people first set eyes on me they assume I’m a delinquent, a thug, or at the very least that I’m in a band. But, looks can be deceiving. I never thought I’d get sick of random hook ups with more than willing college co-eds, but that scene is getting old. And, I really never expected to fall for an adorable, sexy, shy…virgin. But, sometimes things don’t turn out how you expect. 

Super virgin…that’s me. I’ve never kissed a boy, heck I’ve never even been on a date before. How I ended up catching the eye of a sexy, tattooed playboy at my very first college party I’ll never know. He’s way out of my league…but maybe it’s finally my chance to let loose a little and find out who I really am. That’s what college is for, right?

My Review
5 Stars! 
I loved every minute of this book from the very beginning of the story I was enraptured with the characters and the very nature of the overly religious to the super nerd! I have to say, a am a tad disappointed the next installment is for someone other than Dex I am really looking forward to seeing how it all plays out x

About the Author

"I am a romance junkie. I love writing contemporary and new adult romance. I also Love reading romance, Sci fi, fantasy, and horror. I’m obsessed with strong female characters and nerd culture. When I’m not writing I’m spending time with my husband and our many pets. " From Goodreads.com
"I am a contemporary romance author with a love of nerd culture and a passion for writing strong, independent female characters. I am also an avid reader of romance, sci fi, fantasy, and horror" From Amazon profile. 


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