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Delicious alpha heroes protecting their mates at all cost? Yes, please. Take a bite out of these three, steamy full-length novels from New York Times bestseller Kristin Miller in this exclusive boxed set for a limited time only. Exquisite paranormal love stories with super hot alphas and the tenacious heroines who make these werewolves howl.

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Gone With the Wolf
When CEO and alpha werewolf Drake Wilder discovers that his one true love is a secretary in his company, his primal instincts kick into overdrive. Free-spirited bartender Emelia Hudson wants nothing more than to make her Seattle-based bar succeed. Upon learning that her bar has become property of Wilder Financial, Emelia is determined to get some answers. When Drake’s twin brother senses that Drake has found his match—and now inherits their father’s billion dollar estate—he plans to take Emelia out. Drake vows to protect her at all costs, but he might have to pay with his own life.
Four Weddings and a Werewolf
Logan Black, former Marine and bodyguard for the Seattle Wolf Pack, hates weddings and has no plans to enter into matrimonial misery. But when he’s hired to protect a hot-to-trot wedding planner with a werewolf stalker, he’s forced to put his feelings aside. Not such an easy task when the damsel can turn him on with a single smoldering glance. The chemistry between them seems fated, but with his playboy attitude, her hatred for werewolves, and a stalker lurking in the shadows, will passion be enough to keep them together?
So I Married a Werewolf
Carter Griffin, enforcing officer for the Seattle Wolf Pack, has been offered the promotion of his dreams…if he can find a wife to prove he’s over his playboy ways. But Carter’s already been there, done that. Faith Hamilton needs money to put her younger brother through college. Okay, and she totally wants Carter, her sexy next-door neighbor, to look at her as more than a friend. It’s too bad size 12 and plain isn’t his type. At all. When the two friends strike a deal to help one another out, will it spark a love neither anticipated?

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Also available from Kristin Miller,
the San Francisco Wolf Pack series:

The Werewolf Wears Prada (San Francisco Wolf Pack #1)

Melina Rosenthal worships at the altar of all things fashion. Her dream is to work for the crème de la crème fashion magazine, Eclipse, and she'll do much anything to get there. Even fixing up the image of a gorgeous, sexy public figure who's all playboy, all the time. Even if he's the guy who broke her heart a year ago. And even if Melina has no idea that Hayden Dean is actually a werewolf...

Beauty and the Werewolf (San Francisco Wolf Pack #2)

Billionaire werewolf Jack MacGrath has almost everything—the respect of his peers, a mansion in San Francisco, a private jet, and fast cars. But without a mate, Jack's in trouble. Then he sees her. Gorgeous, demure, proud...and his enemy. Isabelle Connelly is werewolf royalty and falling for anyone lesser—to say nothing of a rival pack—would be, er, unseemly. Now she must choose between her duty to her family and her pack...or her perfect fated mate.

What a Werewolf Wants (San Francisco Wolf Pack #3)

Private investigator–and werewolf–Ryder McManus doesn’t believe in marriage. But then he never expected to find his fated mate, Josie, at his best friend’s wedding festivities. When Josie and Ryder are together, the chemistry heats up. While he’s trying to stop the wedding, she’ll do whatever it takes to give the couple a dream day. But the secret he’s trying to expose might just ruin everything…

About Kristin Miller: New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Kristin Miller writes sweet and sassy contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance of all varieties. Kristin has degrees in psychology, English, and education, and taught high school and middle school English before crossing over to a career in writing. She lives in Northern California with her alpha male husband and their two children. She loves chocolate way more than she should and the gym less. You can usually find her in the corner of a coffee shop, laptop in front of her and mocha in hand, using the guests around her as fuel for her next book.

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My Review:
As A Set 5 Stars! 
With action and sexy times this Box set is an amazing compilation to cuddle up with and get furry x I loved every story with each twist moment and change. I love that each couple that its own connection and it wasn’t an instant recognition x 

Gone with the Wolf

The first installment and intro to the Seattle wolf pack is an amazing concept and story of an alpha finding his mate and them falling in love in a very real way. Battling their personal problems Drake overly logical and Emelia too emotional on top of Drake fighting his twin for his rightful place as soul alpha and the safety of his mate. Amelia dealing with her newfound wolfdom and adapting and learning about this whole new world. Will they be able to figure out how to make it all work? Will they even SURVIVE it all? 

Four Weddings and a Werewolf

Veronica has an issue. After losing her parents in a tragic accident that she never really dealt with she feels like she is losing her sister too— newly turned werewolf and now getting married to another werewolf— Veronica now hates all werewolves thinking they are uncontrollable monsters and feels more alone than ever. The only thing bringing a smile to her face these days is her secret admirer. 
Logan has been hired by Veronica’s soon to be brother-in-law and his best friend to protect her because not only is he enforcer for their pack but he is best at what they do. and Veronica’s secret admirer has turned stalker. Now can he just do his job well enough to catch the sucker before its too late? For what you Ask? For both their lives to change in ways neither of them want.

So I Married a Werewolf

Carter has dreamed of being a detective for many many years, but his only chances of getting that promotion are if he is married, unfortunately he’s been there, done that, and not interested in doing it again. casual is his thing— its the only way he can guarantee that he doesn’t get hurt again and turn into that guy that no one wants to be with, controlling untrusting and an all around a-hole. Faith has had a crush on her next door neighbor and one of her best friends since she moved in. every week after their standing movie marathon she hopes and prays that something will come of it, but unfortunately there is no spark coming from that man in her direction. the last thing she ever expects is for him to ask her to do is to fake-marry him for profit. THAT should be interesting. 


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